Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ross, my right-hand man

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Ross better during my visit. He is cute, funny, intelligent and he loves to help!

At almost every meal, we each ate a cutie (tangerine) or two. The very first time it was offered, Ross jumped in and said, "I'll get it for you." Then, he also said he could peel it for me. He even separated the wedges. The next day, I said, "Ross, would you like to peel my cutie for me?" He said, "No thanks. You can do it yourself." (So funny!) That was the only time he said that as he continued doing this job for me the rest of my time there.

Three-year-old Ross is a fine helper. The night I decided to make corn dog muffins, he jumped right in with sister, Annalina, to help me. He listens and follows directions very well. I would have loved to do more cooking with him...maybe next time.

Here's the cutie peeling my cutie! What a sweet boy--I miss him already.


Abigail said...

He loved taking good care of his Auntie Theo!!

Theo-Ann said...

He sure did a great job.:)