Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Cleaning: the laundry room

I got another room done this past week--yahoo! The laundry room was thoroughly cleaned and organized, but I have future projects in store for this little space. I'll explain in a minute, but first, here's the list of things that were accomplished:

1. Cupboard was organized and shelves were wiped down.
2. Door was cleaned (not pictured).
3. Washing machine/dryer unit was cleaned inside and out.
4. Baseboards were wiped down.
5. Windows were washed.
6. Floor was swept and mopped.
7. A couple items were removed to make the room neater.

As for future projects, there is some wall space under the cupboard that I'd like to put a shelf to fold laundry on. I'd like to install it on hinges so that it can easily fold up when I'm done. I'd also like to paint some pretty flowers on the cupboard.

I recently put this curtain up. It covers the window part of the side door. When I want to let some light in, I just tie it with the ribbon. The valance in the kitchen is from the same curtain package that I bought several years ago.

Q and I bought this storage bench from a nearby thrift store for five dollars! It's been cleaned, but it needs a good paint job. It looks like it will be a project for the summer. We thought it would be a good place to sit and take off boots in the winter, as well as store winter items and other laundry things inside.

I've been wanting to buy a sign like this for a while, so when I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw that signs were 50% off, I just had to buy it. I can't wait to place it on the wall.:)

How's your spring cleaning coming? Keep it up--you can do it! I've just got a few areas left...can't wait to be done.:)


The Watts Family said...

Your spring cleaning is going well. For us I have to deep clean daily it seems. I am having a hard time with the dogs here in the desert they bring so much dirt in with them I sweep probably 3 times a day just to keep things under control and everything also gets very dusty since it is so sandy and dry outside. I haven't figured it out here yet! ~Doesn't it feel wonderful when you have your home all clean and in order ;D Blessings Heather

Abigail said...

Theo, when I saw your curtain fabric and laundry sign I just love that look!! So cute, and that bench, what a find! I would have been super happy to have found that!