Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For our friend, Mary

Q and I wanted to do something special for Mary for her birthday, so we invited her to come to our house for brunch. She is a sweet lady from church who we really adore. What she didn't know was that several other friends from church were going to be there to help celebrate. It was quite a surprise to her, but such a great one!

We had a wonderful time together, talking and laughing around the table. Then, Mary began opening up her cards and gifts. Not too long ago, Mary and I went to Hobby Lobby together to look around and buy craft supplies we needed. She stocked up on some painting supplies, and while she did, I thought of something I could make for her:

This palette was all hand-painted using acrylic paints. Before painting the words, I wrote them out using a pencil first. I just didn't want to mess up! After giving it some time to dry, I gave it a couple coats of clear varnish. She now has something to put in the room where she does her painting.

I enjoyed making this simple gift for our dear friend. I hope it encourages her to continue on with her painting. Happy birthday, Mary! :)

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