Monday, October 25, 2010

Decorative pumpkins

From the dozen or so pumpkins we harvested from our garden, Q gave me two of them for decorating. I've been decorating the front rooms with fall and Thanksgiving decorations, and these two pumpkins added so much to them.

I saw pumpkins at a craft store that looks like the monogrammed one on the left. Since I did not take a picture of it there, I did my best to replicate it.

The skin of this pumpkin was so soft, that when I wrote on it with pencil, some green coloring came out. I gave it a deeper green color by tracing it with a colored pencil.

To make this monogrammed pumpkin, all I did was use black acrylic paint. Before I began working on each pumpkin, I drew out some ideas first. It's good to do this, so that you're less likely to make a mistake on the real thing.:)

I enjoyed painting on my pumpkins this year and have already thought that it would be neat to come up with some other designs in future years.

Have you made anything for your fall decorating this year? I'd love to hear what you did!

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the johnson crew said...

i have made NOTHING for fall this year... but i dream of it for next year. (still in the fog of the move and projects.) great ideas. i especially LOVE how the green one turned out.