Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun at play in Monterey...

The next couple of days in Monterey were filled with lots of activity! Q had a blast showing Gabriel, Annalina, and Ross how to fish. 

After a while, Annalina and Ross got tired of it, so it ended up just being Q and Gabriel fishing. The rest of us went to the nearby playground. They didn't catch any fish, but they had fun being together.

There was a constant line at this popular slide. Ross and Annalina went down a few times and loved every minute of it.
In the afternoon, Q, Brian and Gabriel went for a beautiful hike. There were gorgeous redwood trees every where. Meanwhile, Annalina, Ross and I made dinner together. We made corn dog muffins and had them ready in time for when the guys got back from the hike. I think making this meal will be a tradition for me and the kids when we're together. Ross especially likes to cook and he does a super job at only three years old.

The next morning, the guys and Annalina and Gabriel went shooting at a gun range. They had an awesome time.

On our last full day with the clan, we had enough time to go to a couple more places together. After fun at the gun range, we went somewhere that brought out the creativity in all of us.

Come back soon to find out where we went and what we did!:)

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