Saturday, August 29, 2009

The funny things kids say, part 2

It's the end of "back to school" week, so I wanted to end this series of posts the same way I started them. I hope the ideas given were a help to you! 

So here you go....more funny things kids say from the kindergarten classroom:

"Miss Padilla, I know what pretzels are made of." 
"What?, I said.

The same boy said later, "Miss Padilla, I know where skittles come from."
"Where?", I said.

During center time, one of the boys said, "Look at David. He's a working man." This was so cute because David was building something with blocks.

One day after lunch, I was helping Joseph tuck in his shirt and I commented on his pull-up pants. I told him they were neat to have because they were easy. Then he said, "Do you have some pull-up pants?"

Daniel said, "Do you know what I want to be when I grow up?"
"What?", I said.
"A man."

After recess one day I told David that his hair was sticking up because he had been playing so hard outside. He agreed with me and said, "My hair sticks up because it's like straw."

One day in class, I told the students to draw a picture of a sound they hear at night (i.e. trucks, owls, crickets, etc.). One girl, Maddie, drew a picture of a night sky. I asked her what sound she heard at night. She said, "I can hear the stars go 'twinkle, twinkle, twinkle'."

Jimmy told me that some people live to be one hundred, and some do not. He said that when I reach one hundred years of age, the school is going to have to get a new teacher for the class.

We had a lesson with one of our readers. The story was called, "Come back, bug." We had a discussion about bugs, mostly about ants. I started mentioning fire ants to the class when Hunter raised his hand. He asked, "How do ants shoot fire from their mouths?" Of course, I had to explain what fire ants did to be given that name!

One day in Bible class I said, "What did God give Adam that He didn't give the animals?" The real answer is "a soul that can never die." Alysia raised her hand and said, "A wife!"

Have an enjoyable and fun school year!


Tania said...

These were super cute! Thanks for all of the suggestions! My mind is definitely starting to get in gear for school. (-:

christina and buddy powers said...

Hi Theo,
These posts of the funny things your students said to you are fantastic!
God will bless you with children of your own one day, I know you will be a excellent mom!
God bless you today and everyday!
Thanks for your blog for its such a encouragement to me!

Theo-Ann said...

So glad these were a help to you both. Have a great week!:)