Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where's Colin?

We did a fun game with the teens this past Wednesday in youth meeting. Our assistant pastor is very good at photo editing and making posters for our church ministry. He found a picture, then placed the face of one of our teens in a few different locations. The original idea of "Where's Waldo?" turned into "Where's Colin?"

The teens were divided into teams according to grade level. They were to work together and circle Colin's face every time they found him.

The picture was of fans at an athletic event. Colin's face was placed on bodies that were not really his. It was hilarious! 

And here's the infamous Colin. Now, doesn't he look a little like Waldo? Hmmmm......


The Watts Family said...

Great Idea!!

Theo-Ann said...

wouldn't this be fun to do for a birthday party? The birthday child could be the one hidden and they all have to find them.:)