Monday, April 6, 2009

Time to say "thanks"

It's been almost two weeks since my surgery. Since that time, I've had lots of help during recovery. As you all know, my mom came out and spent a week and a half with us and did everything around the house! But, I also had food, movies and a book delivered to enjoy, a substitute teacher for my two classes, and someone to help me with one of my ministries at church: I'm the special music coordinator (I schedule folks to sing/play instruments each month and remind them of sound checks). It's been a huge blessing to receive all this help from family and friends.

I've received many get well cards that have covered the top of my dresser. A couple of them came from students and were very sweet!

To say "thanks" to those who have been a big help to me, I decided to make a card for them. I have a rubber stamp that says, "Thanks a bunch" with a bunch of flowers underneath the words. All I did was stamp that on to paper and color it in with pastel chalks. I love the way cards look when you use chalks. It gives the design a soft look. When I was done filling the picture in with color, I used decorative-edge scissors to cut around it. I glued that to the card and also attached a little blue bow to the bottom.

I'll be including a small bag of homemade cookies with the card. Today, I had my last post-operation appointment and I was able to give my doctor and nurse some of these cookies in a decorated tin.  I'll be posting about how I made the tin and give you the recipe for these scrumptious cookies tomorrow!


The Watts Family said...

Beautiful Card ~love it :-) You did a really good job on that!! Your good with details and all those little finishing touches :-)I tend to be not as good with that kind of stuff I sometimes rush when I do projects ....Which means things end up a little crooked lol!!

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks for your note. And yes, I love details! It's part of the way God made me. The ministries I'm involved with now require me to be that and I enjoy it immensely. Have fun crafting today!:)