Thursday, April 2, 2009

He loves it!

Remember that reversible super hero cape I made for my nephew Jaden? Well, I recently received pictures from my sister that show how much he loves wearing this thing.  She says that he takes it everywhere he goes. It's always stuffed in his backpack so that he's ready for some flying action!  Type in "reversible super hero cape" in the search box at the top of my blog to see a close-up view of the cape. (In that post, there's also a link to the place where I got my inspiration!)

I love these pictures.  They make me smile every time I look at them. It's such a rewarding feeling when you know that the recipient of your handmade gift loves it to pieces!

One side of his cape is Superman, and the other is Spiderman (although Spidey never wears a cape, he loves it just the same). I really thought that Superman was his favorite, but I've been told that he likes to wear the other side more. It's a little big on him now, but he'll grow into it. There are velcro tabs that he can use when he's older.  For now, the cape is tied around his neck.

It's a's a's "Super Jaden"!

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