Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I listen to while I work....

Whether I'm cleaning the house or working on a sewing project, I love to either listen to music or to radio podcasts on the internet.  My favorite place to go is Focus on the Family. You can listen to these radio shows on a variety of topics including, marriage, kids, national news, and reviews on entertainment--all from a Christian perspective.

One thing I recently signed up for on the website is "My family."  It's designed to fit the stage of life you're currently in.  So, when I open up to the Focus on the Family website, it immediately goes to my page and there I can find articles to read and podcasts to listen to, all geared to my young married status. If you are single, have young kids or teens, or retired, they can make a unique "My family" page just for you.

A favorite selection of shows that I have enjoyed for years is Adventures in Odyssey.  You can click right on to listen to the show for the day.  You can even backtrack and listen to past shows.  I'm a huge kid at heart and love the humor and simplicity of these shows.  At the end of each one, a Scripture verse is shared that goes along with the story.

A couple summers ago, Q and I were able to go to Colorado Springs, CO and see the headquarters at Focus on the Family.  We took a tour, visited Whit's End (a fun place for kids of all ages), and went home with a sample of their popular magazines. This is such a great ministry and they can use our prayers as they minister to families around the nation. Listen to their encouraging podcasts; read their Bible-based articles; and even visit their headquarters when you get the opportunity.  Your heart will be blessed as you grow in the Lord through the ministry of Focus on the Family.

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