Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines for my girls

I had so much fun making these felt and vinyl keychains for my jr. high girls.  I am their leader for prayer time each Wednesday night at youth meeting.  

I cut out two pieces of pink felt, approximately 3"by 3 and 1/2".  I cut out a smaller square from one of the squares of felt for the vinyl window, about 2" by 2".  Vinyl is pretty easy to sew on if you place a piece of tissue paper underneath it while sewing it on.  After stitching the vinyl on, tear away the tissue paper.  The next thing I did was sew the two pieces together using a decorative stitch.  I love this heart stitch.  When that was completed, I glued on felt hearts and ribbon (so that they can tie these anywhere, like a school bag).  I also glued on a small piece of velcro so that the top could be closed. For the finishing touch, I wrote, "I love (heart) u" on the top of each one with fabric paint.

As a special surprise, I placed a Bible verse card in each one, along with a few candy hearts.  The girls loved them!  They can use these wallet-keychains for holding money, a picture, chapstick or just about any little thing that they want. Before making nine of these for the jr. high girls, I made up a sample one and sent it to one of my nieces who is five years old.  I'm sure she'll love it, too.

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Cheri said...

Adorable! Does your machine do the heart stitch or did you do it by hand?