Friday, February 13, 2009

Hand-painted car hooks

I found unpainted wooden car hooks in the clearance bin at Michael's several months ago. When I bought them, I immediately thought of my nephew, Isaiah, who has a car theme in his room.  I painted each one in a primary color--red, blue, yellow and green.  Then, I came up with a design for each one.  I wanted each one to include a couple of the main colors, and even added the color orange to two of them.  When several coats of paint were done, I signed my initials and the year on the back of each one.  Finally, I sprayed a glossy varnish on them to make them look sharp.

Isaiah's birthday is next week, so I've already shipped them out.  I know he'll like adding these hooks to his bedroom.  He can use them for hanging his back pack, jacket, baseball caps, or whatever else he likes.

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Anonymous said...

I like these car hooks very that you made!