Saturday, February 14, 2009

Senior Saint Valentine Banquet

For our banquet meal we enjoyed clam chowder, tortellini with alfredo sauce, choice of turkey or roast beef, pineapple wedges and mini cherry cheese cakes for dessert.  The teens served their senior guests their meal as well as their choice of drinks:  coffee, punch or water.  

After our meal, we enjoyed the program put on by the teens.  A brother-sister team were the m.c.'s, introducing each part of the entertaining program.  We played a "getting-to-know-you" game, watched a couple skits (in which one of them called for a few participants), listened to an ensemble sing a sacred piece, and hear my husband give a devotional.

Here's my husband after the banquet, tired and ready to head home.  He wanted to try on the bull horns and had me take this picture of him.:)  I made these for one of the skits.  I used craft paper, fiberfill and my sewing machine to make this one-of-a-kind hat.  It was a little tricky sewing it on the machine, but this is what worked (packaging tape did not work!).

We have been resting tonight because of the long and busy two days getting ready for this banquet.  But, I will say this--it was all worth it!  The teens did an awesome job and the senior saints left encouraged and blessed.  Praise the Lord!

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Christina and photography by Buddy said...

Memory fails me in names, but I tend to never forget a face and in how they were kind or unkind to me. The lady in your photo, the white haired lady wearing eye glasses in a red shirt, I do know who she is and she was very kind to me. Would you do me a favor and tell her hello for me! Thanks!