Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stories behind the best-loved songs of Christmas

Tomorrow night my choirs will be singing several Christmas songs as part of the annual Christmas program at the school.  I'm really excited about the theme that we'll be doing.  I have narrators that will give the background of each of the songs.  They are all quite fascinating!  I got the idea to do this from Ace Collins' books.  He has written several books on Christmas, two of them focusing on the stories behind our traditional Christmas songs.

Some of his titles are the following:

Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas
More Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas
Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas
Stories Behind the Hymns That Inspire America
Turn Your Radio On:  The Stories Behind Gospel Music's All-Time Greatest Songs

His books can be found at for a great price!  In fact, I just checked the website and the top three books listed are available in a boxed set for only $3.99!  Awesome.:)

I think these books would be a great addition to anyone's library.  They are appropriate for the entire family.  You can learn so many valuable things about the songs and traditions of Christmas.  I've read only parts of these books and have heard Ace Collins on radio speaking on some of the things he writes in his books.  It is wonderful--hope you can get a hold of these and make them a part of your Christmas season.

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