Monday, December 20, 2010

Church Christmas Celebration: the decorations

In preparation for our Christmas party, I invited the Sunday School girls to help me on Friday night. Sophia was the only one who could make it, so it ended up being just her, the other Sunday School teacher, Zann, Mary and I to do this. It turned out well and we got done in just a couple of hours.

I bought several packages of these styrofoam snowflakes at the Dollar Tree. I was glad I picked them up early, because they sold fast! We hung them up randomly on the ceiling using fishing line and paper clips to tuck them into the tiles.

I had a few of these card houses that I made last year, so I taught them how to make some more. We placed battery-operated tea light candles inside each one. These were another dollar store purchase. We also placed some fiberfill and sparkly garland around each house. A snowman sat in front of each one as well.

Each row of tables was adorned with four of these card houses. But before placing them on the table, Zann and I sponge painted snowflakes randomly all over on the paper tablecloth I put on them.

Mary and Sophia decorated this little tree on this table which became our gift exchange area. When people arrived, they placed their gifts around the tree and on the floor in front of the table.

Everyone loved our winter wonderland and we enjoyed putting it together for the party.

Next and games at our Christmas party! Stay tuned....

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