Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Welcome Basket

These last few days were very busy for Q and I, but they were also a blessing. We had Evangelist Tim Thompson and his wife, Brittany, come to our church and hold evangelistic meetings from Sunday to Tuesday.

As a special treat for them, I put together a Welcome basket for them to enjoy in their hotel room.

I found some pretty fabric in my stash and made a liner for the basket. I made a casing for the ribbon to go through on each side under the handle. We filled it with some yummy goodies including:

bottled water
roasted almond packs
raisin boxes
home made cookies
fresh fruit

They were so appreciative of this gift. I'm so glad it was a blessing to them while they were here. I would love to do this again for any missionary guest or evangelist traveling through.

Have you put together a basket like this, and if so, what other treats did you include in it? I would love to hear your ideas!:)


Sheila said...

So pretty and so thoughtful! Could you talk a little bit more about how you made the basket liner?

Theo-Ann said...

Hi Shelia! I'll explain a bit more right here on how I made the the liner...I didn't take any pictures of the process, so here goes...

I stitched two pieces of fabric together, leaving a couple of inches unstitched on each side. Then, I measured the piece by placing it inside the basket. I made some pleats, to make the fabric lay evenly inside. I placed pins to hold the pleats in place. Then, I basted those pleats in place. The unstitched ends were then hemmed. I made a casing all around my fabric. I cut out two pieces of ribbon and put each one through a side of the liner. Then, I fit the liner inside the basket, flipped out the casing part and tied each end of the ribbon pieces under each handle. I hope that makes sense! If not, leave me your email address and I'll draw a picture of what I did and send it to you.

Erin said...

When my parents have people in their home, she always puts together a little back of shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc in case they forgot something. She gets most of the stuff as samples she signs up for online.

Theo-Ann said...

Great idea, Erin! I didn't think of doing this for this particular basket. I do have a small one with toiletries in our guest bathroom. Thanks for sharing!:)