Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Garden: harvesting lots of veggies....

We have been harvesting a lot more these days and it's been great! We've been eating lots of salads and sharing some of the rewards of Q's labor.

These peas are crunchy and sweet. It's amazing to me each time I open a pod and see a new number of peas inside! They taste so good raw on our salads.

We just love this lettuce. We go out there every other day and bring some inside to enjoy. This was a funny sight to me with the towering lettuce head!

The green beans have also been a delicious compliment to our meals.

The cucumbers are growing rapidly. They are refreshing to eat...yum!

We're anticipating the harvesting of our pumpkins. We have a few out there that are this size and a bit larger. I can't wait to cook the pumpkin meat and make some yummy desserts this fall.

How's your garden doing lately? I'd love to hear your updates!:)

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