Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning: the guest bathroom

Last week, I picked an easy room to work on because with Q working some extra hours, I knew that the majority (or all) of the cleaning and organizing would be done by me. A while back, I started working on the guest bathroom, so just a few things were done this last week to finish it.

Here's the list of what was accomplished in this room:

1. Deep clean walls.
2. Clean bath tub, toilet and sink thoroughly.
3. Wash small window and mirrors.
4. Clean inside vanity and cupboards.
5. Wash fabric curtain.
6. Replace vinyl curtain liner.
7. Line drawers with decorative contact paper.
8. Mop floor.
9. Wash rugs.
10. Fill vanity cupboard and drawers with necessities for guests.
11. Fill basket with toiletries for guests (will be writing more about this later...)

On the sink counter, I've placed the toiletry basket, a framed picture of me and Q, and this candle that we found at the local thrift store--brand new. It is a vanilla soy candle and I love the silver stand it sits on!

This week will be another busy one, mostly for me because I've got to finish up some crafts for birthday gifts--and I'm going on a ladies retreat this Friday.:) So, I don't know if we'll have another room done or not. We still plan on doing little things here and there, so that when things settle down, we'll be able to finish up our spring cleaning cards easily. 

How's your spring cleaning coming? What's been your latest project?

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