Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Her long-awaited dress

A few weeks ago, I showed A a picture of a pillow case dress. I was asked by a friend at church to make a couple of them and it was finally time to make them. A asked if I could make one for her, too. I found an old pillowcase (that had some pink in it, of course!) to use. I set all the pillowcases aside and got busy with other things. But--she knew a dress was coming her way some time soon.

Not long after that, A said something to me that was so cute. I was reading some crafty blogs and she peered over my shoulder. She saw a picture of a little girl wearing a handmade dress. She asked me what it was all about. I said, "Her mommy made her that dress." Then she said, "Like you're making me one." Of course my heart melted. ;) I've always wanted to make dresses for my daughter, and this opportunity to make one for my foster daughter is special to me.

This past Saturday, I set to work on the three dresses and A was so excited! She even helped me figure out where to put the trim and to make a letter "a" for the dress.

Adding the rick-rack to the top and bottom of the dress was a special touch.

She really likes that appliqued "A" that stands for her name.

She could not wait to wear it, so she wore it to church on Sunday. She enjoyed all of the compliments from everyone at church, too. I loved making this dress for her; it was something I always wanted to do. And I know that she'll remember it, too. It makes my heart smile.

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Mary Ann said...

How sweet! Great memories for you both :-)