Sunday, January 30, 2011

Four weeks

It's been exactly four weeks since Little Brother and Big Brother came to us. It is so hard to believe how fast the time has gone by. Sometimes it's hard to think about what life was like before these two came into our lives, as it feels like we've had them longer.

We don't know yet what's going to happen with them (if they'll go back or if we can adopt them), but we are enjoying loving and nurturing them as their foster parents.

Just thought I'd share with you what has happened in this first month. They both have grown in many ways!

1. Both boys have gained a pound since their arrival. The doctor says they look good and are as healthy as can be.

2. We have established routines with them--nap time, bed time, meal times, clean-up, etc.

3. We've taught Big Brother some sign language and it's amazing how much that helps everyone. He knows the signs for please, eat, more, and all done. We're working on some other ones like want, milk, and drink.

4. Little Brother can hold his head up pretty well and loves to laugh. He is just the cutest baby ever.:)

5. Q and I still don't get as much sleep like before they came, but we're learning how to sleep deeply and rest when we can. It's interesting how much your life changes when little bodies are added to the household.

6. We've enjoyed doing things as a family--going to church together, library story time, the playground, around the town on walks, and shopping trips. These guys make things fun for us and everyone they meet.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers. We will continue to keep you posted from time to time.


Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the update! I'll be praying.

Abigail said...

Continuing to pray for you and those little guys! You guys are pros and you just started!