Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Johnson Garden Journal

While I was making a garden journal for our nephew, Gabriel, Q asked me to make one for us. I changed a few things on the inside and used a regular-sized 3-ring binder to hold everything together.

For the cover, I printed the words on our computer, then hand-painted the pictures. I found a couple clip art pictures on line and used those as a guide to paint the corn stalk and strawberry plant. 

Here are the tabs I used for the journal. I printed off worksheets on the Homestead Garden website.

Garden chore list
Catalog wish list
Layout & Design
Plant information
April-October tabs (included are the "garden journal" sheet which has room to write a "to do" list and write notes on things that are growing; also included is the "seed starting notes" page.)
Future reference
Garden reference/contact information
Extra paper

I also included some sheet protectors and dividers with pockets to store things in. If you didn't get to see the video on how I put Gabriel's journal together, you can go here and watch it. 

Hope you're able to use this idea to journal to help you with your garden from year to year. Happy gardening!:)


Steve n Vickie said...

Nifty Idea. Wow, you sure are organized.

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks so much! hope this helps you as well.