Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring cleaning: the living and dining rooms

On my project card for these areas I wrote down the following things:

1. Move piano and adjust other furniture.
2. Put up a couple wall decorations.
3. Purchase curtain rods for all four windows.
4. Fix spring on front door.
5. Set up table with fabric tablecloth.

We got all these things done, plus some deep-cleaning--

6. Wash all the windows.
7. Clean entry rug.
8. Clean wooden floors.
9. Clean floor vent in dining area.
10. Polish the piano.

This is our dining room. We don't have the curtain rods up in either room yet, so that will be the next project. I have the fabric to make the curtains, too. I'll show you pictures when they're done.

This is our living room. The only things not shown in this picture is the other window (behind the couch) and another book case. In both rooms, we don't have a lot of things on the walls, but that's okay for now. My goal for the week was to put up what we had, re-organize the furniture and give it a good cleaning. We have ideas on some things we'd like to put up, so I'll definitely have to give you a tour when everything is the way we like it.

How's your spring cleaning coming? Stay tuned for another update next week on another room in the house.:)


Amanda @ Mommy's Idea Book said...

I didn't see an email or contact form so I'm leaving this for you here.

You been given an award!

Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog.

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks, Amanda!:)

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks, Amanda!:)