Sunday, January 10, 2010

Puppet Theater Kit: the stage curtains

I've been excited to hear that our nieces and nephews are enjoying playing with their puppet theater kits. My sister-in-law, Abigail, told me that one of her kids was seen with his puppet trying to hunt down the rabbit--hilarious!

I wanted to show you the three curtains I made using fabric I bought on clearance at the craft store, as well as with scraps I had on hand. I saw the idea for these from a free project hand-out at Hobby Lobby. Their curtain had pockets on the front to store puppets, but I decided to make felt pouches for storage. You'll need a small spring tension rod, as that will determine how big your casing should be. The rod will hold up the curtain on any door frame in your house.

This is curtain #1. Each curtain measured 41 inches wide by 47 inches long after I hemmed up the sides and made the casing. I made a 2-inch casing, giving plenty of room to slip the rod through.

This is curtain #2, which also has a different color at the top. For both of these curtains, the main pieces seemed too short, so I decided to add a coordinating piece of fabric. Of course, the curtain can be lowered if necessary. It's long enough for even an adult to kneel behind it with a puppet.

This is curtain #3. For all three curtains, I wanted to find bright and festive fabrics. This one was the first one I found. When I saw the polka dots, I thought, "Circus!" 

Next up...the felt pouches I made to store the puppets in.

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