Friday, September 4, 2009

Our New Home: The renovation begins, part 2

While the men worked, the ladies were busy cleaning the master bathroom and wiping down walls, shelves and cupboards in the other rooms.

Julie, our church organist, worked all morning in this bathroom. 

Our pastor's wife, Shirley, worked on bedroom 3 while I worked in bedroom 2. Later, Julie and Donna worked in the kitchen, and Pat worked on cleaning some things outside.

In the afternoon, the men pulled up all the carpeting and took down a lot of hardware to get things ready for painting. This is Q and Dick in the master bedroom.

This is bedroom 2. It's a really good size and the closet is enormous! Bedroom 3 is very small and has built drawers and is covered in wood paneling. It will probably be my sewing room.

When we got done yesterday, we headed over to Wal-mart to pick out paint colors. I'm very happy with our decision. Can you guess what color goes to what room? There are four basic areas: the living/dining area, the kitchen/laundry area, the two bathrooms, and the two main bedrooms. The four colors from left to right are the following: coffee house, western adobe, sicilian sky and bearnaise. We are leaving the wood paneling alone in bedroom 3 so it won't get painted except for the ceiling and around the window.

I stayed home today to get things ready for my in-laws arrival tomorrow, but Q went to work on the house again. His main job today was sanding the floors. We've decided to have wood floors in the dining/living areas instead of putting carpet back in. We're really excited about this! Everyone there continued cleaning the walls to get them ready for painting.

Next time....painting, carpets and fixing more things! And go ahead--take a guess at the colors in each room. It will be revealed soon.:)

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The Watts Family said...

Love the colors, I think I used the same color scheme from walmart in our last house. It made me giggle when I saw the colors you picked. How exciting...What a blessing Enjoy your new home!