Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Know Sweat!"

Recently, we had a teen ministry activity called, "know sweat." Sounds a little different, eh? This is something we do each year to help the senior saints in our church.  We head out to each home and rake and bag leaves. It is a hard job gathering up leaves so that these sweet people can see their lawns and backyards again.  This time around we had about a dozen guys and girls helping to get the jobs done.  The kids had fun jumping in the leaves from time to time and getting to know the widows in our church.  It was such a blessing to do this!  Prior to the activity, my husband shared the Scripture passage which says, 

"Honour widows that are widows indeed."  I Timothy 5:3

Perhaps this is an activity that the teens, singles, or any group in your church could do.  I know it's a blessing for those who are helped, but it's also a way for us to learn to reach out and serve one another.

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