Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A's 100th day of school

This is a little late in posting, but I wanted to share what we did for A's 100th day of school. It took place about a week before Valentine's Day, but it didn't happen on the day she thought it would. You see, we had a huge snowstorm which cancelled school. When I told her that morning, she was disappointed, but I reassured her that the 100th day of school would still happen next Monday morning.

To get ready, I had an idea for a special gift for her teacher--100 kisses in a jar. She counted them by placing them in sets of ten on the table.

Then, we made mini donuts. I didn't make 100 of them, just enough for each child to have two. Because I had made them the day before the snow storm, I knew that they wouldn't last over the weekend. So, A made deliveries to our neighbors. It was a welcome treat on a very snowy day.

On Sunday afternoon, we worked on another batch--still as yummy as the first. I found the recipe here. They have the perfect touch of lemon in them!

We melted vanilla bark coating and dipped each one. A had fun adding the sprinkles. Her class loved them!

As for her 100th day project, she came up with something very different--nothing like what I saw when I taught school. She counted out 100 Q-tips and put them in a jar! Have any of you ever heard of that project? She did a great job and had a fun day at school celebrating 100 days of growing smarter.:)


Heather said...

Happy 100th day of School!! the donuts look delicious ...and cute idea with the QTips ~Love Heather

Shannon Seal said...

That's wonderful, A! Timothy had his 100th day of school too. We glued 100 pieces of pasta in the shape of "100" and read or quoted 100 Bible verses. The donuts you made with Theo look very yummy!