Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simply cute and whimsical

This year for Christmas, the girls were flooded with gifts from family and friends. This was our first year as parents, so it was fun to see their reactions as they opened up their gifts. As you all know, I love giving and receiving handmade gifts. They are so special and heartfelt. When A opened up the package that contained these aprons, she was ecstatic!

She's been wanting an apron to use when she cooks and bakes with me so this was awesome! The smaller apron is for Little S, but she is not too sure what to think of it right now. They came from my youngest sister, who made them with the help of our mom. She chose the best colors, which I am in awe of. Great job, Raquel!

I really like the pleats at the top of the biggest apron.

This patchwork bird applique' is sooo adorable!

There were a few places where the stitching was done in a curvy fashion. I love all of the details, time and effort they put into these. They will definitely be something I will not part with when the girls outgrow them either. They will make great heirlooms.:)

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