Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun with Fern and Wilbur

This past week was my last one with Kyla. I began watching her the first week of January. It was a long stretch, but it was fun doing activities with her and having a little shadow following me around. 

During the first week, I began a daily routine with her, one of them being a story time. One day I asked her to get me a couple books off the shelf that she wanted me to read to her. She came back with Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White. This was always the first one I read to my kindergarten class each year. When we were done with the book, I took them to the closest farm to pick vegetables and see the animals. I always asked them if they got to see Wilbur during our field trip.;)

I wasn't sure how Kyla's attention span would hold out, but I went ahead and gave it a try.

Little by little, we read through the book. I sometimes pulled out my Fern and Wilbur collector's toys for her to hold while I read. I asked her questions and explained things along the way. On her last day with me, we finished it, then gave a cheer. Her dad was thrilled that we had finished the book. Reading aloud to children increases their vocabulary and knowledge of so many subjects.

Keep on reading to the little ones in your life. It gives them such a head start in their life-long journey of learning.

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The Watts Family said...

How wonderful Love your collectible doll how sweet! We read and still do to all of our children and now they devour books and have wonderful vocabulary and are always eager to learn. Reading to a child is a wonderful thing ~How wonderful it is the way you are using your time Kyla I am sure she will be so blessed by it ~Love Heather