Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pretty in yellow

A few weeks ago, it was Spirit Week at Alyzza's school. We looked at the themes of each day and everything looked fine--except for the fact that Alyzza did not have anything yellow to wear for her class color day. We kept brainstorming on what to do so that she could participate. One of my ideas was to look for yellow polo shirts at Goodwill (or even find a white one and dye it yellow) for her to wear. idea hit me when I was out shopping one day. I found a ladies yellow sleeveless tank at the Dollar Tree. Surely, this could be turned into a dress, right? Next door to the Dollar Tree is Goodwill, so we always have to go in and take a look. :) There, I found a men's yellow polo shirt for $2! So far, so good--$3 for a fun yellow dress is awesome!

Well, after some tweaking and sewing, here's the dress I made for Alyzza. She was sooo excited when I showed it to her.

I had just a tiny bit of fabric left over from the men's shirt after making three ruffles each on the top and bottom of the dress. For school, she needed to wear a polo underneath it, but if it still fits her by next spring or summer, she could go sleeveless with it.

Making this dress for Alyzza reminded me of the many times my mom sewed something up for us for a school event. Sometimes, she worked late into the night and early the next morning to make sure that something was ready to go. I've always appreciated that about my mom; she's such a hard worker and puts so much creativity into what she does.

 Thanks, Mom, for instilling that desire in me. I'm now enjoying making things for my girls.

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