Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quilted note cards

Several months ago, I bought a fun sewing kit called the Quilt-it Kit, by Denyse Schmidt. Inside, there are fifteen quilt and patchwork projects for both the beginner and advanced crafter. Last fall, I knew it was time to make something out of this kit, so I made the Dis-cards. They are note cards with fabric scraps sewn on them. I made some for my mom, but couldn't take a picture of them because I had just lost our camera.

Thankfully, I had another reason to make more--my sister and sister-in-law's birthdays. They both loved them a lot. My sister said, "They are too pretty to use!" And I agree. I really like these, although I haven't made any for myself yet. I just have to find the time, right?:)

For each card, I laid out five strips of fabric that went well together. I found that if I put in a couple of solid colored strips, then the overall look of the card didn't look too busy with patterns.

When you start stitching on the pieces, go from right to left, stitching each one vertically and overlapping the next one on top of the one you just did (and don't forget to stitch that last piece on both sides!). Also, use a regular size stitch, as stitches too close together will tear the card apart. After stitching on each strip, sew some zig-zags starting at the top and going from side to side until you get to the bottom. Trim the excess fabric around the sides...and that's it--a pretty quilted note card.

This card is a mix of blues and pinks. The three patterned fabrics were used for the apron I made my sil, Abigail.

There are lots of browns in this one, with just a bit of blue.

This card really stands out with all that green!

This picture shows the last two cards I made for each gal--pink and brown and then a blue and brown mix. I wrapped up all five cards in a ribbon before sending them off.

I really liked this project as it didn't take me a long time, like most of my sewing projects do. Several cards can be done in an afternoon, and I love the satisfaction of that.

Have fun creating this simple project for the special ladies in your life. Happy sewing!:)


Abigail said...

I love the cards and I am excited to use them. I already have plans for them so THANK YOU!!

Mary Ann said...

Very cute!

Steve n Vickie said...

What a lovly idea. You are so creative. I would never think of such a thing.